Process Development

We have extensive experience of design, development, management and implementation of best-practice ITILĀ®, ISO/IEC 20000 and service management processes throughout the lifecycle for multi-national public and private sector clients and higher education.

Our services include (click to find out more):

We offer initial consultations to support understanding of service management principles for key stakeholders and provide a targeted response to address a specific organisational need. We are comfortable working with you to provide interim and ongoing support for your strategic programme and project objectives. To view our range of management consultancy services click here.
We provide pragmatic design of ITIL processes within the context of your organisation, toolsets, assets, personnel and business vision. We engage with all stakeholders to design and embed an effective implementation approach. If you are looking to attain ISO/IEC 20000, we will work with you to design specific and framework processes to meet the requirements of this standard.
We apply our expertise in service management best practice to your existing processes to ensure that they follow the ITIL framework or are ISO/IEC 20000 compliant. We offer this as a one off gap analysis or an ongoing consultancy service to continually assess performance and efficiency and ensure that you are maintaining conformance.
We offer a robust service to address the business and technical aspects of your service catalogue. Our operational and managerial experience allows us to interview key stakeholders in all departments to develop solutions that take account of business needs and technical requirements. We can then model the technical components for your systems and implement them using your existing IT infrastructure. To view our range of specialist technical consultancy click here.

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